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John Van Dreal Consulting is a practice dedicated to assisting school districts and other organizations improve psychological safety and peace of mind by building effective systems for violence prevention, mitigation, and response. Using leading models such as the Salem-Keizer System as a template, each project focuses on user-friendly applications that are tailored to the unique needs of the client and its culture, community, and budget.

Headquartered in Salem, Oregon, John has trained or advised hundreds of threat assessment and security teams throughout the country. If he is unable to do a project, he has associates who can. His referral base is a collective of educators, security and law enforcement professionals, and mental health specialists with expertise in all aspects of security, risk management, violence prevention, and organizational health. Together, you can examine your current efforts and systems and determine whether additional resources are needed. 


Expertise. Experience. Collaboration.


  • Systemic, Collaborative Threat Assessment

  • General Threat Assessment Training

  • Basic Training in School Threat Assessment ​and Management​

  • Assessing Student Threats in the School: Using the Site-Based Level 1 Student Threat Assessment Protocol

  • Threat Assessment System Review

  • Threat Assessment System Audit

  • Developing a Community-Based Level 2 Threat Assessment and Management Team

  • Threat Assessment Team Coaching and Case Consultation


  • School Safety/Security Systems Consultation and Fidelity Audit

  • Comprehensive School Security: Prevention, Preparation, Response, Recovery

  • Managing Trespasses, De-Escalation, and Building Bridges with Hostile Parents

  • Training Non-Security Staff Members to Think with A Security Lens: Violence Prevention and Mitigation through Options-Based Decision Making

  • Creating and Using an Emergency Operations Center to Address Lockdowns and Other Emergencies in the School


  • Implementing Effective Lockdown Strategies and Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Response

  • Addressing and De-Escalating Hostile, Angry, and Potentially Combative Adults 

"John is one of a small handful of people and organizations that deal with threat assessment, having the background, experience, training, and understanding of how all the elements of a comprehensive threat assessment strategy tie together. He has been a leader in the field for the past two decades. His pragmatic and forward-thinking approach has led numerous school districts to adopt and modify their approaches to identifying students who are on a pathway to violence and other forms of inappropriate behavior. I highly recommend John for any school district or community exploring the development and/or modification of a threat assessment system that is pragmatic, useful, and aligned with leading practice."

— William Modzeleski, Associate Assistant Deputy Secretary (Retired), U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools

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