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Courtenay McCarthy,

School Psychologist. Threat Manager. Trainer.

Courtenay McCarthy is the lead school psychologist in student preventive behavioral threat assessment and management for Salem-Keizer Public Schools. She is also chair of the Mid-Valley Student Threat Assessment Team and is a member of the Marion County Threat Advisory Team. While partnering with John Van Dreal, she has refined the Salem-Keizer student threat assessment system to reflect leading practice in behavioral threat assessment, violence prevention, early intervention, and equitable practices. 


Courtenay has over two decades of experience in prevention, threat assessment and management, psychoeducational evaluation, intervention with at-risk youth and families, and behavioral consultation and intervention. As a certified threat manager and nationally certified school psychologist, she regularly provides training and consultation on student threat assessment systems implementation and youth violence to school districts and community agencies throughout the nation. She also provides workshops, symposiums, and content presentations to national audiences. In addition, Courtenay is a contributing author to the book, Assessing Student Threats: Implementing the Salem-Keizer System – Second Edition (Van Dreal, et al. 2017) and a co-author on the book, Preventing Youth Violence: The Pathway Back through Inclusion and Connection (released in March of 2022).

When she’s away from the office, Courtenay spends time finding adventures, both local and distant, with her husband John and daughter Teagan. 

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