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The Preventive Behavioral Threat Assessment Introduction video is available for school districts and education support agencies that have implemented the Salem-Keizer Cascade Model or have adapted the model for use within their systems. It runs approximately 27 minutes and is intended as a brief review for behavioral threat assessment team members, as well as an information source or mandatory training for all staff members.  


The video:

  • Introduces the Salem-Keizer Cascade Model, a comprehensive, prevention-focused behavioral threat assessment system.

  • Highlights the features of the system, including its emphasis on a user-friendly, expeditious but methodical approach to identifying and managing situations that are escalating to potential violence.

  • Reviews the working parts of the system—who does the work, how referrals are initiated, who supports the interventions.

  • Reviews the risk factors and warning signs that suggest someone is considering a violent act as a solution to a problem. 

  • Reviews the basic management strategies used within this system.

View the trailer below. 

You may view full version of this video for evaluative purposes only using a temporary password. Please contact us to request a password. If you already have a password, click on the button below to view the full-length video. The full video is also available as a paid digital download that can be used as a training tool. Price indexing is available upon request and is based upon the scope of distribution for school or district training. Get in touch to learn more!

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