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Alise Mnati, Associate

Social Worker. Community Collaborator. Trainer. 

Alise Mnati is a licensed social worker with two decades of experience in change management and program development for vulnerable students and their families. She has worked with dozens of school districts to improve educational attainment for youth at risk of school failure.


Alise worked with John Van Dreal to implement the Salem-Keizer Cascade Threat Assessment Model in Northeastern Washington, supporting 59 public school districts across seven counties. She trained and coordinated educators on identifying and assessing threatening behavior, along with multi-agency teams serving in a consultative role to schools.


Alise is an accomplished facilitator, leading trainings throughout the nation to school districts and youth-serving agencies. She is a certified trainer in several evidence-based programs and a former National Associate Trainer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Alise enjoys training and coaching both schools and community agencies in providing recommendations on behavioral threat assessment, threat management, and resource development for students of concern. She has personally procured over $5 million in state and federal grant funding for school districts and communities to implement youth violence prevention models. She has also been a strategic contributor to state legislation and district policies supporting student mental wellness, behavioral threat assessment, and restorative practices.


When she is not sharing her passion for student success, you can find Alise fishing with her husband and two children.  

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