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"This is a book about behavioral threat assessment that focuses on prevention and early intervention. It’s about thoughtful connection, inclusion, prosocial relationship building, and the restoration of meaningful and positive experiences for young people within the school environment." More. 

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Making Prevention a Reality: Identifying, Assessing, and Managing the Threat of Targeted Attacks

"When police are given information that someone may potentially commit a crime or become violent in the future, their responsibilities, authorities, and available investigative tools are suddenly less clear..." More.


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Assessing Student Threats: Implementing the Salem-Keizer System, 2nd Edition (Nov. 2019)

"Assessing Student Threats: Implementing the Salem-Keizer System, 2nd Edition is a manual for the application of a threat assessment system that follows the recommendations of the Safe Schools Initiative and the prescriptive outline provided by the FBI..." More. 

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Problematic Sexual Behavior in Schools by Wilson Kenney

"In this book, Dr. Wilson Kenney, a clinical psychologist with over 15 years experience treating and assessing kids with concerning sexual behavior, lays out a comprehensive school/community based model for identifying and addressing concerning sexual behavior in children that is based upon best-practice models for threat assessment." More.



International Handbook of Threat Assessment, Second Edition

"Threat assessment is a method used by mental health and law enforcement professionals to assess the risk of intended violence toward a specific target, such as attacks and assassinations of public figures, workplace homicides, mass murders, school shootings, and acts of terrorism, both domestic and foreign..." More.